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Does it cost?

No. The service at LWNE is absolutely free to all our members. We are here to support our members, not the other way around.

What is the difference for the two locations?

The Pilton location is our primary location that hosts most of the activities and is open Monday to Friday. The Clermiston location currently hosts a service on a Tuesday afternoon

Why over 18 year olds only?

Due to the nature of sensitive topics and discussions, LWNE believe that complete confidence and security of our members are required. Individuals over 18 years old would help maintain a strong level confidence an empathy

What are your principles and beliefs?

Living Well North Edinburgh believes in helping people grow. We aim to support those in need, essentially creating a community that is connected, similar to a family. We will support our members to the best of our ability through fundamentally enhancing the lives of our members.

How do you become a member?

To become a member, individuals should contact LWNE and arrange a personal one to one chat, following this anyone who uses our services are considered a member.

How do you engage the members?

We provide a variety of services that change every 3 months. All members are welcome to attend each activity (at either location) for no charge. We encourage members to express themselves. However, members may also just require a safe haven to relax and relieve their worries.

Who can use the service?

Initially, the service was available to residents who are located within the North of Edinburgh. However, LWNE is open to everyone, from anywhere, who is in need of our help.


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